刘向军 研究员

Prof. LIU Xiangjun


Director, Institute of Micro/Nano Electromechanical   System





地址:上海市松江区人民北路29994号学院楼5057,  201620

OfficeRoom 5057, No.4 College Building, 2999   North Renmin Rd, Songjiang, Shanghai, P.R.C, 201620




Dr Liu is currently a research professor in the College of Mechanical Engineering, and director of Institute of Micro/Nano Electromechanical System at Donghua University (DHU). He received his Ph.D. degree from Nanyang Technological University and Data Storage Institute, Singapore in 2009. Prior to joining DHU, he worked as Researcher in Hitachi R&D Centre (2009-2010), Post-doctoral Research Fellow in National Institute for Nanotechnology at University of Alberta, Canada (2010-2012), and Scientist in Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore (2012-2019).


研究方向|Research Areas

        微结构物性调控    |Micro-structure properties

        微纳机电系统工程| Micro/Nano electromechanical system

        微器件热扩散管理|Thermal management in micro-devices



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  • Kovalenko, A.; Kobryn, A.; Gusarov, S.; Lyubimova, O.; Liu, X.; Blinov, N.; Yoshida, M. Molecular theory of solvation for supramolecules and soft matter structures: application to ligand binding, ion channels, and oligomeric polyelectrolyte gelators. Soft Matter2012, 8, 1508−1520.

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  • Lyubimova, O.; Liu, X.; Gusarov, S.; Kobryn, A. E.; Kovalenko, A. Solvation structure and gelation ability of polyelectrolytes: predictions by quantum chemistry methods and integral equation theory of molecular liquids. Procedia Computer Science2011, 4, 1186−1192.

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  • Liu, X.; Yang, Y.W.; Yang, J.P. Direct simulation Monte Carlo on thermal distribution of rarefied gas under heated atomic force microscope nanoprobe. Journal of Applied Physics2009, 105, 013508.

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  • Yang, Y.W.; Liu, X.; Yang, J.P. Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation for size effects on thermal conductivity of Si nanostructures. Molecular Simulation2008, 34, 51−56.



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